Private Tuition

Going on private tuition can sound scary, but depending on if you work bst in groups or by yourself, or just want to go really deep into something specific, this is for you.

I plan it after what you and your rope-partner want to learn and we will take it from there. I really encourage you to think about what is hard, interesting, fun or challenging, and maybe think about obstacles or questions you have about ropes.

Like: How do I start? Are the patterns really important? How do I make someone feel safe? How do I find what I wanna do in ropes.


  • The tuition is 3 hours
  • Come by yourself or with a partner
  • Ropes are availabel if you dont have your own
  • Contact me for prices


Workshops are great to learn new things together! Being amongst other people can bring loads of inspiration and also the oppurtunity to learn from other and benefit from their insights!

The structures of the workshops are more adapted to suit a bigger genre of people, with a playful tone and focusing on both body and mind. If you have a wish for a specific theme or hear more workshops I do. Feel free to contact me!

List of Workshops:

  • Get to know your body
  • Rope Flow
  • Challenge the body, challenge the mind
  • Yes Patterns! But why?

Bound <3

This is my baby. Bound <3 is a group/project/lovechild me and my partner Patriq started 2015. We have been hosting ropejams, workhops, introductions and other themed events with ropes.

I have gathered much inspiration, energy and learning from doing this together with him. If you wanna be playful and creative, this is the thing for you! Feel free to contact us on facebook or by email.

We are located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Voices from participants:

"Fittglitter plants seeds for reflection and understanding where the student usually ultimately sits on the answers. As a student at Fittglitter you should be prepared for a lot of selfreflection and active participation. Fittglitter helped me take several big steps in my development with just a two-hour lesson where we barely touched the ropes. The pennys kept dropping (the seed for reflection and understanding) and the last fell in place two weeks after the lesson.

I highly recommend Fittglitter as a rope teacher and will definitely take more lessons with the cute, glittery unicorn that is the full of energy and passion for your learning and ropes! "

- TKofSweden

"It was exciting, instructive, affordable and above all very fun!

It was for me the basics of ropes and I learned the most about flow and feeling, which was exactly what I had asked for. I experienced Fittglitter as warm, present and knowledgeable and I would easily recommend her! ♥"

- Dekadamen

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