Performance, Teaching & Organizing


  • Shibaricalendar together with Saara rei and Indigo
  • Workshops with Saara rei
  • Teaching, 6 week Selfsuspension (SS) course
  • Bound<3, Organizing and teaching with Neeka,
    yoganoir and others
  • Workshops together with Ceci Ferox
  • Kasai, STHLM Dolls, Performance
  • Stockholm Pride, Kinkykvarteret,
    Performance together with Neeka
  • RopeLinked, Rotterdam: performance with Ceci Ferox;
    self suspension/tying, switching, nerves


  • Bound<3 , Organizing and Teaching with Neeka
  • Ellipsis, Selfsuspension weekend workshop
  • Stockholm Pride, Kinkykvarteret, Performances together with Dekadamen and Merlot
  • Shibaricamp, SS-workshop and others together with Neeka
  • Helsinki bdsm-club, SS-performance
  • Ropework, organizing
  • Dekadance, SS-performance


  • Bound<3, Organizing and teaching with Neeka
  • Stocholm Pride, Performances with Indigo and SS-performances
  • Ropework, Organizing
  • Dekadance, SS-performance
  • Manifest, SS-performance
  • Faetish, Berlin, SS-performance with Kylie Vogue
  • Shibaricamp, Organizing


  • Bound<3, Organizing and teaching with Neeka

Tips! <3

Things I appriciate and should be checked out! <3

For various reasons, but probably mostly because it is awesome.


A conventions made for organizers, artist and ropenerds to get together and share knowledge and experiences.

Ceci Ferox

One of the most amazing and inspiring human beings and rope educators I have met. 

Helsinki Shibari

The best in Finland to meet amazing rope people as well as and teachingings, workshops, festivals and peer ropes in .


A summarizing list of workshops I have attended over the years.

I have probably attended more that are not in this list.


Kinoko Hajime - Paris (Bottom)

Gorgone - Stockholm (Rigger)

Gestalta - Bjuv (SWE) (Bottom and Rigger)

Pedro - Stockholm (Rigger)

Shibaricamp - Anna Bones and Fred Hat, Kristina Marlene, Butterfly Bondage ect


Bergborg - One year course (bottom)

Akira Nacka - Weekend (bottom)

Shibaricamp - Tifereth, Soptik ect


Bergborg - One year course (Bottom)

Nicolas Yoroi - Stockholm (Bottom and Rigger)

Barkas and Addie - Bjuv (Bottom)

Shibaricamp - 



Kinoko Hajime - Berlin (Rigger)

Dasniya Summers - Stockholm (Selfsuspension)

Barkas and Addie - New York  (Rigger)

Kasumi Hourai, Stockholm (Rigger)

Bingo Shigonawa - Copenhagen (Bottom)

Yagami Ren - Stockholm (Rigger)

Pedro - Stockholm (Rigger)

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