Glitter and Slime

Performances and shoots

Being able to accept who you are and what you love is sometimes harder than you think. But I found things within ropes and myself that helped me with just that.

Enter my world of unicorns, glitter, slime and where all my

dreams come true...


All ties by me and others.

Photos by me and others.

Having somebodys trust in your hands and in your rope can be a powerful experience.

And also quite scary for many. I see it as a precious gift I am allowed to play with.

Play with their body, fantasies and help them enter their own bodies to explore,

and I get to sit in the front row and just be in total awe of the wonders they find.<3.


Me tied by others

Being in ropes in the opposite of being restricted. When you are in ropes your mind is completley free.

The ropes guides and sometimes forces you to look inside yourself to feel and look at all those things inside us.

Dark as bright. Good as bad. And they are all the same. They are all you.

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