I'm a rope enthustiasm, nerd, and unicorn with a passion for people, empathy and teaching and learning. A ropeswitch by heart and have been learning and developed myself from both sides of the ropes since I started.

I work for speaking up and showing thoughts and emotions of people who dont have the courage or possibility to do so.

Diversity and openness, both in ropes and in life.

I am also a part of Bound <3.

A shibari, teaching and play project I started with my partner 2015.


Name: Johanna aka Fittglitter

Date of birth: 19 April 1989

Spiritanimals: Unicorn and Otter

Nationality: Sweden

City: Stockholm



I have been doing performances since 2014, wich is practicaly since i started doing rope.

And i have been teaching together with Patriq with Bound<3 since 2015.

In between that i have done several photoprojects, performances, private tuition, organizing events and workshops with diffrent angles and themes about rope and Shibari.


Since 2015

I have done performances in Stockholm since i started, but also in Copenhagen, Gothemburg, San Fransisco and Paris.

I do selfsuspensions, tying with a partner either/both as rigger and model.

Two of my specialites are glitter and slime <3


since 2014 - together with Patriq

We host workshop, ropejams, introductions and private tuition with alot of playfullness, openness, creativity and love. And rope.

So much rope.

Shibaricamp 2016

Organizer together with Ministry of Ropes

Together with an amazing group of people

we builded new rutines and worked together to make Shibaricamp even better <3.


Various photographers/models since 2014

One way of showing that you do stuff, but also trying to send a message or a feeling across the globe is with photographs.

I'm always open to new corky or cool ideas!




More info will be coming soon.

The page is still in progress!


Dont hestiate to contact me if you have any questions.



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